The Confocal Microscope

The confocal microscope system can be considerred as a high quality conventional light microscope with three illumination sources. A transmitted light mode and an epifluorescence mode, which can be used for setting up the preparation directly by eye and a laser scanner mode for viewing and acquiring confocal images digitally using a photomultiplier light detector and an image processing computer.

The whole system can be divided into three parts: 1. the Zeiss Axioplan upright microscope with tungsten lamp for transmitted illumination, mercury lamp, dichroic filters for fluorescent illumination, objectives and an anti-vibration pneumatic table. 2. Bio-rad MRC 1024 confocal laser scanner with control box, laser and laser power supply and 3. Host controller computer, a Compaq Prolinear computer running the Bio-rad Laser Sharp confocal controller and analysis software under the OS/2 operating system.

In order to use the confocal system users are required to be familiarized in the operating procedures of the Bio-rad MRC 1024. Please contact HaiBing if you are a first time user of the Cell Biology system. Users must sign the log book before starting to use the system and log the time used when they have completed using the system. This is essential for maintenace of the system and your cooperation is appreciated.

The following procedures should be followed for the smooth operation of this shared facility. Doing so will help ensure effecient and congenial conditions for the users, managers and hardware and most importantly facillitate scientific investitgations on the confocal system.

N.B. Access to this system requires logon and network passwords.

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