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Working with a Command Box in Windows

Although the graphical user interface style of click and drag is powerful and convenient, sometimes it is easier and faster to use the Command Prompt window to operate on files and run simple programs.  This page gives a very brief description of how to open a command box and run some simple build in commands.  Groups of files can be worked on and selected using the wild card specifiers ? and *.  Some of the programs, e.g. tiffsplit4.exe, which provide the real power of the command line box are not listed here.  Also the structure of command line switches are not given here, but to get a feel see the tiffsplit4 manual page.

Stuff which needs to be expanded on:
How to resize a command box
How to specify a file using drive-directory-filename.extension
The ? and * wild cards in file names and, yes, directories
How to make a Command Box shortcut on the 1. desktop, 2. start menu, 3. task bar
Where to place command line programs such as tiffsplit51.exe
Command line program switches
Very useful Dos key edit commands - up arrow - back/forward arrow - F7 key
Output redirection
> and >>, the pipe |, 1> =stdout, 2> =stderr

Opening a Command Box (Command Prompt or DOS Box)


Using the command box

Generally commands are typed into the command box using the keyboard and are executed once the enter key (<-enter) is pressed

Change to drive letter and directory where image files are located


Working in the Command Box


Files specification and wild cards


More useful commands


Getting help / hints


Aborting running programs


Finishing up


Resizing Command Prompt Window

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