UNC Physiology Imaging Facility Photodiode Array  

Parts List:

1x    WuTech H469-02 Diode Array SN# 469020

1x    c - mount adapter with screws

6x    32 Channel preamp (8919)

6x    40 pin cables with edge and idc connectors

2x    64 Channel postamp

1x    Multiple Power supply & cables (preamp +/- 15V,  post amp +/-12V +/-5V)


1x    Data Acquisition DAP 3200a/415 Micrpstar

1x    DAPL 2000

2X   Analogue multiplexor MSXB018-03

1x    68 pin cable with 5 sub-d conneectors MSCBL 014-04


1x    Pentium 90 MHz PC with 32 MByte RAM, 1.6GByte Hard Drive, 3c509 Ethernet, Windows95



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(Diode array is copyright to Jian-young Wu 1997.)