IBM 3363 Optical Drive Data Transfer to PC or Apple Computers

0. Notice.

As part of the phasing out process of the expensive and slow IBM 3363 optical disk system that was attached to the Biorad confocal microscope when it ran with Comos, the opportunity to transfer data from this system to the current system will be provided until the end of November 1996.

1. Overview.

The IBM3363 optical drive is attached to an IMB PC type computer. This computer is attached to the campus PC network only. In order to access files from your Apple computer on the Apple Talk network they must be transferred to a computer that is accessible to both types of network. One such computer is the BioAnalysis computer, which allows Apple Talk and PC network access to the MacExchange. BioAnalysis must be running WindowsNT Server when this is to be performed.

1.1 The computer called HAL in Cancer Research room 6613 is shutdown and rebooted to run Windows for Workgroups 3.11. The optical disk is loaded into drive D:.

1.2 At BioAnalysis in room 6613A the MacExchange folder on drive E: is opened using MyComputer (an icon near the top left of the screen). Network Neighbourhood (another icon just below MyComputer) is used to open \\HAL\IBM3363. Desired files are dragged to the MacExchange directory in MyComputer.

1.3 You may convert the file format from BioRad PIC to TIF using Confocal Assistant. Apple computer systems can display TIF files. PIC files can only be displayed by Biorad soft

1.4 At your Apple computer use Chooser to browse the Apple Talk Cell Biology domain. Find BioAnalysis and connect as username with the assigned password. Move files into your Apple computer.

1.5 Please remove files from MacExchange in source computer. At HAL Exit windows and reboot.

2. The Details

2.1 At the HAL computer shut down WindowsNT if it is running. You may have to logon with username and assigned password in order to shutdown. Then reboot with crtl-alt-del and choose Shut Down. Restart to MS-DOS by choosing MS-DOS at the OS loader menu using the up or down arrows keys. Start Widows 3.11 by typing win at the C: prompt. It may start automatically. Insert desired optical disk into drive D:

2.2 At BioAnalysis computer logon with username with assigned password. Using MyComputer open desired MacExchange directory in the E: drive. Using Network Neighbourhood choose HAL and IBM3363. Select desired directories or files and drag to desired directory in MacExchange. Click and hold down left mouse button on selected files and drop into white area of MyComputer and release button. Optical disk files and all subdirectories will be copied into MacCooper for example. This will take about one hour for a full 192 Mbyte optical disk.

2.3 At BioAnalysis double click on a PIC file to open Confocal Assistant. Choose FILE -> BATCH CONVERSION and select files that need to be converted. Choose TIF for convert to. This process is automatic for single image PIC files and for multiple PIC files with 6 or less characters in the file name. This process must be carried out for each directory. Subdirectories are not automatically converted.

2.4 At your Mac connect to BioAnalysis from Chooser using Apple Talk. Connect with username with assigned password. Drag files from MacExchange to the desired folder. Files may be deleted from MacExchange.

2.5 When finished with HAL please exits windows and reboot computer leaving it to reboot with default options.

N.B. for username and assigned password contact

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