Prez Sez 2018-10


Dear folks, I do need to hear from everyone who is coming to our opening event of our 30th year, a very special house recital featuring Carlo Fierens.

Please send a short note to me at, to let me know how many are coming, so that Todd Plessel, our treasurer, will know how many chairs to rent for this event. You are encouraged to renew your membership at that time if you have not yet done so. And, yes, bring as many guests as possible.

The recital is Oct. 13 at 6 p.m. at Mary Ann and Ed Nirdlinger’s lovely house at 875 Cedar Fork
Trail, Chapel Hill, in the Cedar Falls neighborhood. Snacks and drinks will be served. Bring a bottle of wine if you would like.

Our second event of our new year features the Bob Vasile/Jane Peppler Duo, formerly known as the Pratie Heads. This house concert will be Saturday, Dec. 1 at 6 p.m. in Durham’s Hope Valley. More details to come later. Admission, for members and guests only, is $12. Their repertoire is "more or less traditional music of the British Isles and beyond." They were longtime members of the Touring Artists Program of the N.C. Arts Council.

Steve Winick wrote this about them in Dirty Linen magazine:

The Pratie Heads were their state's premiere performers of British Isles traditional music. ... They have made some of the best Celtic, English, and early American folk music available in recorded form. They have picked beautiful, uncommon songs to play, have thoroughly researched tunes and texts to produce the best possible versions, and have lovingly and impeccably arranged them. And still it emerges as spontaneous, joyful music — it's a rare gift they have. ... Peppler's voice is a clear soprano wonder with a feeling of intense but controlled wildness that she may owe to her training in Slavic and Balkan singing ... as amazing on fiddle as she is singing, [with] great tone on the slower tunes and real speed on the quick ones.


See you on Oct. 13!

— Randy Reed, TGS president